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    Anti Virus Software Downloads

    Although computers are virtually necessary for nearly everything these days, you have to make certain you keep yours healthy if you want it to function properly. This is where anti virus software downloads come into the picture. Many individuals with PCs utilize these downloads to protect their IBMs, Gateway laptops, Dell desktop computers and Sony notebooks. It's all about staying on top of things and understanding what the latest anti-virus and anti-spyware programs do. At some point you may have noticed your computer functioning at a ridiculously slow pace. This sluggish behavior could be due to a virus or spyware of some sort. You see, even though you do not remember your PC getting infested with a Trojan horse or oodles of spyware, it still may have occurred. It commonly happens to people when they are visiting websites and opening emails. Whether you realized it or not, there are many negative files encrypted in these places. Countless emails are sent out to individuals all...

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    Anti Virus Reviews - Data Protection for the Small Business

    The owner of the small business - always insecure, always frugal, ever aware of how any upheaval or rocking of the boat can upend a carefully thought-out business plan. But nothing can quite upset carefully laid-out plans as can a computer malfunction from a malicious malware attack. You wouldn't leave your front door unsecured at night, and you shouldn't let one of the 20 million viruses out there find their way into your unsecured compute either. An infection when you get it, (and not if), affects not only you, it also affects all your business partners - your suppliers, your customers. But bet that you didn't know this, a lot of viruses out there today are custom-made for the small business. Imagine that, hackers out there rubbing their palms together in glee thinking of how much devastation they can wreak on a small individual businessman. One of the first steps to making a pick, even before you read a bunch of anti virus reviews for products specifically aimed at the small...

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    An Antivirus Comparison of Fake Rogue Scanners

    People who hold out on installing antivirus software on their computers have lots of good reasons to do so: antivirus software can slow down your computer, it can often make a nuisance of itself if you don't choose the right brand, and so on. But sometimes, when your computer slows down or becomes flaky, you do want to make sure that it is a malware issue before you relent and buy antivirus. Some more trusting folks do have antivirus on their computer, but still have a nagging suspicion that the slowdown they notice in their computer's performance comes from overactive antivirus, and not from some undetected virus lurking in the system. For people in these dilemmas, scammers have a little special treatment in mind - rogue antivirus scanners. Let us first explain what these are, and then do an antivirus comparison - for software of the rogue variety. The rogue antivirus concept takes many shapes. And they always bear evidence of the same modus operandi. Some modify the coding in...

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    The ‘No Execute’ Feature in AMD Sempron

    The AMD Sempron is a line of CPUs that use different technologies and CPU sockets and that have replaced the AMD Duron processors and competes with the Celeron series of processors from Intel. The first of the AMD Sempron processors was based on the Athlon XP architecture and had a Socket A interface and a 166MHz Front side bus. Its L2 cache was 256 Kilobytes. The Thorton CPU had an L2 cache of 512 KB that was disabled but could be reactivated by a slight modification to the chip. Apart from a few differences, the AMD Sempron CPUs and the Athlon 64 CPUs were essentially identical in their architecture, power and features as can be seen in their similarity of having an integrated on-die memory controller, the use of the Hyper Transport link and the addition of the ‘NX bit’ AMD feature. The AMD Sempron technology uses the AMD64 technology core to offer leading edge performance for both the 32-bit and the 64-bit computing platforms with the 64-bit offering additional computing...

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